Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 7.57.18 AMI’ve started working on the Hunters Database again.


Without ANY marketing or work it had 42,000 pageviews last year. It also has organically gained 400 users. And it has reached near the top ranking on many, many hunting search pages. It’s not HUGE by any means, but if I’ve learned anything in the last year doing e-commerce – that’s a very nice platform to start something on.

Problems still remain though.

  1. There is a small part of the hunting community that I despise. I hate their attitudes about guns, conservation, nature and animal rights. This is the biggest turnoff for me. I’m hoping I can temper my abject feelings about the vocal minority by staying focused on the large part of hunting community that I really enjoy. There are so many great people out there.
  2. The data creation is time consuming. I recently did some testing of virtual assistants to convert PDF data into something HDB can use. It was a breakthrough. VAs are affordable and FAST. This is HUGE. But, it also means if I want to scale the data, I will need revenue sooner than later.
  3. There is NO revenue. I’m timeboxing this to find some revenue by the end of 2016. My first steps are to re-engage the users and understand what they are using the system for. Is it just maps? Do they need other features? What will they pay for? From there it might be a subscription model…or it might just be a nice platform for some e-commerce stuff. With my Spiel Pro​ knowledge I can easily use it to sell maps or other items to the audience. I already have a fulfillment infrastructure built. And it has a nice season I have some time to get that in place for 2016.Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 7.31.54 AM

This might be another failure, but the potential is there for another stream of revenue. I would regret not trying to actually trying to make some money at this venture. When Mark Ng and I built the first version of, I had NO idea what it meant to be an entrepreneur. I’m not saying I have all the answers now. I do know that I have a better understanding of how to find out if this is a sustainable venture. And in all failures, you learn. This will give me an opportunity to learn more about how to engage with email marketing. This will benefit all of my future ventures.

My one hesitation at this point is that I need to make sure it doesn’t stunt Spiel Pro’s growth. It’s going slowly, but Spiel Pro is showing week or week growth. I want to maintain that growth into 2016.

In the end, I’m proud that something I built is actually being used by people. I hope to continue to write about my findings as the year progresses.

What do you think? Am I crazy?

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