Would you like your newspaper in plastic or paper?

Lots of day job drama these last couple of weeks. New directions. Old conflicts. Oh, and a fair bit of uncertainty thrown on top. Guessing that was the cause of the really bizarre dream I had last night.

I was working in a grocery store but it was really a newspaper. In the dream, people from both of those eras were interacting in this weird mishmash of worlds. The copy desk was in the office just behind the customer service booth. There was some argument about the headline and what aisle the baked beans were on.

These are both former careers. I worked for a local grocery store for about 11 years before I walked in one day and quit. Did much the same with my newspaper career of 10 or so years.

Now, I’ve have workplace dreams on a pretty regular basis for as long as I can remember, but this is the first time the streams have crossed. I like to think it is my mind telling me that I am made up of all my experiences…not just what is happening right now.

Or it could have been the cheese plate I ate at The Pasty Company.

What’d you dream about last night?

Ask the right question

For the last 3 or 4 weeks, management type people have been asking if everyone has added their holiday time off to the calendar. Over and over again they ask. Every gathering, every meeting, they would ask.

The problem is they were asking the wrong question.

The right question was, “Who HASN’T put their holiday time off on the calendar.” When I asked that question, nobody responded. Everyone had already put their time in. I’m guessing the expectation was that we ALL were taking time off, and when they didn’t see names on the calendar, they assumed we weren’t doing what they had asked.

Quit asking the same thing OVER and OVER. Take a moment to understand if you are asking the right thing. Then ask it.

Have you put your time off on the holiday schedule?

Repetition and the Junior High Basketball Coach

My post on how playing soccer has helped my business got me thinking about my early adventures in team sports.

I had a growth spurt early and I was much taller than most of my peers. (They of course caught up to me in high school.)

When we first moved here from Texas, all the coaches were so very super excited to get to know me. Little did they know that I sucked a sports. I just wasn’t that interested in playing. The only sport I was remotely interested in playing was basketball.

I liked basketball.
I had friends that played basketball.
We played a lot of basketball.

This doesn’t mean I was actually good at basketball.

But, I was tall so I was on the team.I’m horrible at remembering names, so we will just call him Coach. As I think back on these days, I’m pretty sure Coach was a super-secret basketball genius. I’m really not sure why he didn’t go on to become the coach of the Phoenix Suns.

Here’s what he did.

While everyone else was practicing passing and dribbling and team stuff, he stood me directly under the net and made me shoot bank shots. Over and over and over and over, this is what I did. Each practice we would do variations of this. Hook shots. Dribble and shoot. Move up and down the key shooting. It got pretty boring. But, I did it. Over and over and over and over.

I was a nervous wreck on our first game. But, there I was standing at the key following the ball around like he told me. Suddenly someone passed to me. I don’t remember even thinking. I just turned and shot.

It went in. Everyone cheered. I was as shocked.

Then it happen again during the game. And again. I ended up scoring like 8 points that game. I don’t remember them. I just turned and shot. It was a truly amazing highlight of my very short basketball career.

And Coach knew something that its taken me a lifetime to learn. Repetition is the key to success. It really is about that 10,000 hour thing.

I need to remember this as I move forward with my life.