Spiel Pro

Spiel Pro sells tabletop game parts to wholesale and retail customers. Spiel Pro products are available on various channels including Spielpro.com, Cribbagepegs.com, Amazon, Etsy, eBay and at retail conventions. Spiel Pro’s warehouse is located at the Mac6 in Tempe, Arizona.

Arizona Game Fair

Arizona Game Fair was founded in 2016 and provides tabletop gaming events in the Phoenix metro area. The primary event is the Arizona Game Fair, a three-day tabletop gaming convention hosted at the Mesa Convention Center. In 2018, Arizona Game Fair will provide much of the tabletop gaming experience for Phoenix Comic Fest. Arizona Game Fair also provides other gaming events throughout the year, like Watch the Skies, Arizona’s first megagame, various events on Meetup.com, and Gila Monster, an invitational board game convention.