I’ve spent my career building visual stories for print and the web. Much of my work has also included original reporting and data analysis using various skills and technologies.

Visualizing Marijuana Data

In September 2020 I became a data and visualization reporter for Marijuana Business Daily. My primary responsibility has been to analyze and visualize cannabis data from a variety of sources.

Reporting and Writing

While my focus has been on visualization, I can also report and write stories using a variety of sources. These stories are often accompanied by my visuals.

Interactive Data Visualizations

My work at ASU as the interactive editor for News21 included working with students to create interactive graphics for the project website. The students were responsible for the content and data of the graphics which I would then build. Most of these D3.

Print Informational Graphics

Arizona Republic Gas Giant – Simple front page graphic for the Arizona Republic made with Modo 3d design software. Just a couple of circles with a texture overlay. Full image.

Arizona Republic Mission to Mars – The reality of daily newspapers often made it impossible to spend too much time on some things. This project mostly used handout art from NASA designed to be more interesting. Full image.

Arizona Republic mars graphic by Andrew Long

Arizona Republic 2007 Year in Numbers – I pitched and produced this fullpage year in numbers graphics. Full image.

Arizona Republic graphic of 2007 year in numbers by Andrew Long

The Immigration Impact – ASU Class Project Poster – A poster I designed for my geographical methods class at Arizona State University. The poster information was a group effort, but the poster was designed and produced by me. Full image.

ASU class project poster

Arizona Republic Waterfall Graphic – This map of the waterfalls of Havasupai from the Arizona Republic is a great example of my cartography skills. Full image.

Havasupai waterfall map

Arizona Republic Yuma Desalination Plant – An example of some 3d work I did for the Arizona Republic. This was done with Modo. Full image.

Arizona Republic informational graphic by Andrew Long

Full Stack Software Development


HuntersDB.com was a hunting application deployed on Heroku and built with Rails, Postgres, Bootstrap and Javascript. The mapping used Leaflet. It provided hunting data based on game management units. The project is no longer active.

Hunters Database Arizona Page